Alternate Endings (2010/2012/2014)


Alternate Endings



1. Clouds

2. Fusion

3. Frozen Heart Of The Earth

4. Chains Of Lies

5. Blasphemer

6. Return (Of The Roaming Man)

7. Presumptions (What Do Gods Believe In?)

8. Anything Illusion

9. The Circle

10. Fallout

11. Never Listen

12. Hole

13. Bad Omen

14. Chains Of Lies (Alternate Version)

15. Never Listen (Alternate Version)


~53 minutes

Alternate Endings is our debut effort. It was initially released in 2010 and since then went through a couple of revisions - 2012 - additional parts added, 2 alternate versions for Chains Of Lies and Never Listen, new drums, new mixing and mastering; and in 2014 - this release - some more (mainly guitar parts) added, improved mix and new mastering. Latest release date: 25 June 2014.

On this album:

Georgy Latev - wrote all music; wrote lyrics for songs 12 and 13, co-writer for song 7; recorded every instrument; recorded lead vocals on songs 7, 12 and 13 and backing on songs 3 and 9; responsible for general recordings, mixing and mastering.

Dimitar Naydev - wrote all lyrics except songs 12 and 13, co-wrote the lyrics for song 7; recorded lead and backing vocals for all songs except song 12; designed band name, logo, album text book and front cover, shot the photograph for the back cover.

Cvetan Kolev - provided additional mixing and final mastering at "Tavana Studios", Stara Zagora, Bulgaria. Find Cvetan on facebook for recording, mixing and mastering:

Ivan Hinkov - provided the photograph of the Ghost Tree (ront cover).




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