1. We Are Not…

2. New Kingdom

3. Anything Illusion

4. Et l'amour dans tout ca...

5. BRS

6. Following Their Last Trip

7. Dusk

8. Radioactivity

9. Knot

10. Bells In The Wilderness

11. Solar Insignia

12. Fields In The Nowhere

13. Oh, Happy Days

14. Something Wicked

15. Fall

16. … slaves


~64 minutes


'Dusk Reloaded' is our third album and the first to be released through a label - namely Art Gates Records from Spain. The album began as more of a desire for competition and closure that our guitarist Georgi Latev felt towards emotions and ideas that he shared in the songs he wrote with his former band in France 'Dusk', hence the name of the album 'Dusk Reloaded'. He satisfied that longing but in the process, due to current events and circumstances, one of which most notably being the joining of our youngest member - the talented and beautiful female singer and multi-instrumentalist Ganiela Ganeva, the experience gained for all of us and the mature look through which Georgi rewrote the old and composed new songs, the album outgrow its predesign and we ended up having something more, something MUCH more! Armed with better sound and more colorful than ever, 'Dusk Reloaded' begins a journey that has its roots, as explained above, even deeper into the past and the alternative influence in our music than our debut effort 'Alternate Endings'. By the time you get comfortable with this and begin nearing the middle of the album, you will be transported closer to and beyond 'The Veil' ('Outer Rim I' ;) ) with song like 'Following Their Last Trip', 'Knot' and 'Fields In The Nowhere'. 'The end is nigh' and so it is for all of us, as we draw closer to 'Something Wicked', 'Fall' and the inevitable 'Sign Of Armageddon' (Outer Rim II). We will not say more now and leave it up to you to delve and to explore! 

The album has been recorded at our own studio in Haskovo, Bulgaria produced and mixed by Georgi Latev, and mastered by Lenko Draganov.


Spain: 16/05

Europe & Worldwide: 30/05


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