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"... it has ever been about the inner need, the thirst for knowledge, for long lost questions, in times when solitary answers hang around us in disgrace, humiliated by the false pretense of naked smiles and minds void of reason."

Ghost Warfare plays diverse metal music, mixing in elements from several other sub-genres and a little bit of jazz and classical music, while forming our unorthodox compositions.

"Finding links, connections, suspecting ourselves of more than slaves of matter, then telling people, getting the message through, making them think and wonder, not conveniently accepting any voice that's shouting louder.. are we shouting louder?"

The vocals follow in the same manner, ranging from theatrical narratives and whispers, through operatic revelations and up to dramatic outbursts and sustained high tones powerful singing (both with our male and female vocalists), alongside full range of growling spiteful manifestations of impending doom and of disturbing evil.

"The message - that it is, the means - a musical vibration, a brave combination of residual creation receiving birth from imagination.. or is it memory? Seek! Following the mazy lines of guitar melodies that skillfully are mixed with rhythms sometimes shattered and with tension, many voices singing songs about the legacy of ages past, and of damnation.. is there hope?"

Describing Ghost Warfare and fitting into genres, both for us and for our listeners, who were interested enough to share, has never been a simple task, nor one that we have marked as a "completed". Although having many faces, a strange soul and lyrics with disturbing topics, our music is highly distinguishable - it is rather impossible to mistake Ghost Warfare for something else! That's why, although be it only as of recently, we have adopted the indication "Occult Metal", with "occult" standing for all the things that we strive to uncover, and metal.. well despite all that we have written - we are without a doubt still playing metal! And if that sometimes foils our efforts of realization, it is also something that we cherish and that had us stand aside the lot - we are never bored and so will not be you, either while listening to our albums or visiting a live performance. So come, approach us both online and live and tell us what you think? Let's get a drink, let's have a conversation, let's talk about demise and of creation, join us and let us see where all this leads together!


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Ghost Warfare was born, if only as a music project, driven by Georgy Latev and Dimitar Naydev both from Haskovo, Bulgaria, when it was clear that not only our former band effort Solid (2006 – 2008) fell apart irreversibility, but we had somewhat matured and changed the style with noticeable dark and ominous motives lurking about. We had a few unofficial demo CDs recorded containing first 4, then 7 songs and a few live shows behind our backs with Solid, but ironically enough – things turned out far differently than what the name of the band implied. With the departures of both our former bass player Dimitar Dimitrov (March 2007 – July 2007, leaving the position open for Dimitar Naydev who surprisingly enough deciding to step in and add the bass to his initial vocal duties) and drummer Jivodar “Darko” Dimitrov (January 2007 – sometime around the spring of 2008) – each of them having moved to a different, distant city to work/study and live there, which made the rehearsals impossible, we searched for others to fill our ranks up and even expand, but we could not find any. During the years 2009-2010 when we were already in the process of recording our debut album Alternate Endings, we briefly  worked with beginner drummer Marian “Yoda” Dimitrov but sadly (especially back then!) did not reached to a stable, long term engagement. We decided then to turn our focus mainly on song writing and recording, as we had Alternate Endings almost ready and an intimidating number of other songs were beginning to pile up (… and form what would later on be known as Outer Rim I and II). So we finished with Alternate Endings in 2010 and uploaded it up on our then official site and sometime later – myspace.  Immediately after that we decided to not waste any time as we had just picked up speed and were relatively satisfied with the results, so we continued with our second album. All this so far and the not so pleasant events and details of struggling to form and maintain a band, to find a more permanent rehearsal room and cease the constant moving that wasted us so much time and effort, while also working other non-music related jobs to provide for our families, more or less concludes the internally so called “Alternate Times”.

In the end of 2011 we were happily siting in our newest (and to date FINAL!!) rehearsal room, had finished modifying it to enable working in cold winter months and encouraged by the significantly better results with the ongoing recordings for Outer Rim (.. which ultimately led to the numerous editing of Alternate Endings) we were thinking of trying our luck again in search for a drummer! It so happened that one particular person came to mind – Nikolay “Chipi” Saraminev (Darkart, Voice Of Hell) and we decided to reach out and invite him to give it a try. After several rehearsals we found that we meet each other’s expectations and decided to continue working together and thus our long awaited third official member had joined our ranks! Needless to say, he became an invaluable part of Ghost Warfare, giving us once again the opportunity to experience the excitement of the stage, so we had our focus pointed towards a set list for such performances!

A few years of not too shabby live shows across Bulgaria (Haskovo, Stara Zagora, Yambol, Burgas, Sevlievo, Kazanluk, Nevestino) had passed since we formed the solid (he-he) base of Ghost Warfare. We managed to build up a live set list with nearly 2 hours of various songs from our first four* albums and 2-3 covers (Therion, Iced Earth, Immortal, The Gathering), for color! ;)

Ah, 2014… This year turned out to be our most productive and successful in terms of what we had created, how many shows we played, how big and diverse set list we managed to rehearse and how closer we managed to move towards our grater goal! From the very beginning of the year were determined to finally release our second album Outer Rim part I: Beyond The Veil and while we’re at it - rerelease our debut Alternate Endings with yet again more sound quality related enhancements! And this time around we managed to do just that -  on June 25-th both albums were available for listening on soundcloud and later on for purchase of digital copies from bandcamp! On that occasion we had the opportunity to work with high quality sound engineer – Cvetan Kolev (Tavana studios, Stara Zagora) who personally did the final mastering of Alternate Endings, aided us a lot for Outer Rim I and provided his skills as a guitarist for several of our shows in the second half of the year – thank you, Ceco! Another unexpected but certainly most welcome surprise was the newest addition to our family - Ganiela Ganeva, female vocals! We ended up offering Ganiela a place among us in March after having worked together on a common black metal project in memoriam of a dearly departed friend of ours that took place in February at Rock Bar INSIGHT, Haskovo. It has been a long lasting dream of ours to include as many vocals as possible, especially a female's one, since we are, amongst other things, influenced by such bands and projects as Therion and Avantasia. We are happy to say that she fitted in well and very quickly became a steady part of whatever shows we had till the end of the year and also recorded vocals for our upcoming third full length album Dusk Reloaded!

Speaking of our third album – since April 22-nd 2015we’re officially part of the Spanish metal label Art Gates Records ( and the album is going to be released worldwide through them! As you might imagine we’re now busy with completing the album and taking it a step further than our previous efforts! We are also working on a new live set list and looking for opportunities towards live plays!

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